Some of the users on #bsd-dk asked me to describe the setup of the site. As people interested in this probably already know more about WordPress than I do I will just keep it quick and simple. This is a list and a short description of my non-standard WordPress plugins.

Personal Favicon
Simple plugin to change the favicon of the webpage, easy to use and self-explanatory.

Simple Social – Sharing Widgets & Icons
I wanted a ‘share this’ plugin that was easy on the eyes and at the same time didn’t take up too much space. Most of the ‘sharing’ plugins have huge icons or just plain bad design, but this was just right. Turns out it tracks Twitter also, and the Facebook like function works as intended also.

My local website statistics of choice – does what it says produces statistics about your visitors.

SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
This plugin is the reason I chose WordPress for my blog – it’s very easy to use just put [language][/language] around the text you want to highlight and set your highlight options in the plugin settings. But you need Tab Override for it to really shine.

Tab Override
This plugin makes it possible to use the tab key to indent text in the HTML editor when posting, without it using the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved is very difficult at best.

Twitter for WordPress
Simple twitter plugin – only installed it to play around with – now use it as a dump for shell commands I need to run later

User Avatar
Vanity plugin like the favicon plugin – I just wanted a prettier avatar that’s all. I think it allows users to use Gravatar.

XML Sitemap Feed
No site should be without a proper sitemap 🙂

That’s it, not a very detailed or long list of plugins, but it works 🙂

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