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Moving from pkg_* to pkgng

If you have been updating your FreeBSD servers recently I (which I hope you have) you have run into a warning that the old package system will be shut down by the end of summer this year (2014). Some ignore this and some get confused – what now, does FreeBSD handle this automatically? Well as […]

Bandwidth limiting on FreeBSD using pf+ALTQ

I recently had to shape the connection of a FreeBSD firewall due to massive packet loss when the 2Mbit line reached full capacity in either direction. As usual know your basic FreeBSD (incl. how to compile a kernel) to use this guide. A lot of this guide can be found in the FreeBSD Handbook. In […]

ZFSinstall via FreeBSD fixit/usb memstick

Due to a recent situation where I had to install FreeBSD on a IBM X3250 without the remote control upgrade to the IMM (to mount images virtually) and with no CD/DVD drive available an alternative solution had to be cooked up. These files will enable you to use the zfsinstaller from mfsBSD SE in the […]

Zabbix on FreeBSD

With Christmas, new year and my wedding over I figured it was time to add another tutorial. One of the things many would like is a decent monitoring solution for their server and after trying and using many of the available free packages around (some are ntop, Munin, Cacti, Monit, Zabbix, Zenoss and Nagios) I […]

PPTP VPN server on FreeBSD

Clarification (31st of October 2010): This guide will give you a PPTP based 4 user VPN server on FreeBSD, using pf for NAT. Clients can use the built in VPN client in Windows/Ubuntu/Mac etc so no need for 3rd party applications like OpenVPN etc. This post will be short and to the point, as I […]

Apache + nginx + vhost scripts

Just a quick update, I thought I might as well share the scripts I use to create vhosts, so if you are using the setup I described in the other blog posts, this will make life easier for you, else just modify it to suit your needs. (interactive script) – Screenshot Apache template […]

FreeBSD + Apache + nginx proxy/cache + vhosts

Luckily I have not been the victim of a slowloris attack but that is no reason not to take action. So when I was setting up a webserver solution based on Apache, MySQL and PHP5 I might as well add a caching frontend for Apache. This howto guide assumes you have basic knowledge of FreeBSD […]

FreeBSD + ZFS + RAID10 + Boot + howto

As I got my hands on a machine today with 4x 250GB hard drives I wanted to try ZFS after reading and hearing so much good about it. As I had never used ZFS before on neither FreeBSD or OpenSolaris/OpenIndiana I decided it would be a good time to write another post on this blog. […]