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FreeBSD system and ports update script

I thought I would share the script I use to keep track of port updates across all my FreeBSD servers. As usual know your basic FreeBSD (I assume that you have already use screen, portsnap and portmaster) to use this guide. Put this script in /usr/local/sbin/ (and change the email). Add the script to root’s […]

Apache + nginx + vhost scripts

Just a quick update, I thought I might as well share the scripts I use to create vhosts, so if you are using the setup I described in the other blog posts, this will make life easier for you, else just modify it to suit your needs. (interactive script) – Screenshot Apache template […]

MySQL backup script with log

After taking over a server that had been through a few (very) different system administrators I had to write the MySQL backup all over again.

This resulted in a nice little script that does backup pr. database, compresses it with 7zip and has detailed log of the event.