I’ve been using PuTTY as my favorite ssh/telnet client for some time now, and as much as I love the minimal size there have always been a few things missing to completely replace SecureCRT. But today while browsing the internet I stumbled upon PuTTY Connection Manager (PCM). PCM is a small portable application for Windows that extends the functionality of PuTTY (or wraps them around PuTTY rather) giving you all the needed functions of a busy system admin.

To name a few highlights:

  • Tabs and dockable windows for PuTTY instances.
  • Automatic login feature regardless to protocol restrictions (user keyboard simulation).
  • Post-login commands (execute any shell command when logged).
  • Connection Manager : Manage a large number of connections with specific configuration (auto-login, specific PuTTY Session, post-command, etc…).
  • Encrypted configuration database option available to store connections informations safely (external library supporting AES algorithm used with key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits, please refer for the legal status of encryption software in your country).
  • Standalone executable, no setup required.
  • Completely free for commercial and personal use : PuTTY Connection Manager is freeware.

And here is a screenshot:

PuTTY Connection Manager

Download it at their homepage -> puttycm.free.fr

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